Doktari Pixiebobs: Featuring cats with a wild appearance and a raised with kids attitude

DoktariPixiebobs is your East Coast connection to North West bloodlines. We have shown and bred our Pixiebobs for 18 years now. We have had many regional wins and have had a Fourth Best and Second Best Pixebob Longhair and Pixiebob Shorthair in TICA. We have Regional Winning cats from Supreme Grand Champion to Champion titles.


We breed for type and temperament. Our kittens are raised in our home with our three children and our Border Collie, Jayna or at our sister home in Maryland with our family of show cats both rescue as well as purebred. They are accustomed to vacume cleaners, dish washers, barking dogs, boisterous children, loud TV's, walking on leashes, being dressed up, and in general a busy household.


We feature the old foundation bloodlines with most of our cats crossing to the original Pixie of Stone Island multiple times. We have ,to name a few, these cats in our pedigrees: Pixie of Stone Island, Stone Island Samson, Stone Island Bobby Woodruff, Stone Island Polly Sue, Cheetah, SGC Stars-N-stripes RocMe, SGC Stone Island Seattle Red Fox, Stone Island Red Fox, DixiePixie Cactus Rose, Ch. Kaperkats Morphius, and the list goes on...


We are located near Manassas Virginia and also near Greenbelt Maryland. 


  WE currently have 3 male kittens available...We have posted new kitten photos on the kitten pages. There are companion, breeder and show kittens available. Please go and see the babies and let us know what might interest you. All kittens are raised in house. All come with a health guarantee and first shots and worming. We give ongoing care throughtout the life of the kitten. Here are just a few examples of what we have available.

Companions vary and priced according to how closely they fit our breed standard...we also have breeder and show available. Please inquire for pricing...

Kittens are available to place a deposit on now. Please inquire for specific kittens and pricing.


We have the kitten that will fit into your busy household and a well socialized kitten that is used to dogs, kids and loud busy homes.

Get your companion, breeder or show Pixiebob from us. We offer a health guarantee, a genetic guarantee, a show guarantee and many references. 

Potomac Erie has achieved her RW Supreme Grand Champion status. She will continue to show for the remainder of the show season. We will then breed her for Top Quality kittens. She will then resume her show career. Thank you to Jane Handelsman for her outstanding work showing Erie! 

QGC Potomac Erie
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